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  • FMC H Frame High Speed Fin Press Production Line

    Used for Automatic high efficiency production of aluminum fins. Servo feeder device, lifting stacker unit, scraps blowing unit can be provided as optional accessories.... Contact Now
  • JL21 C Frame High Speed Aluminum Fin Press Line

    8-Step Variable Stroke 8-Side Long Guides Of Slide Automatic Oil Lubrication System... Contact Now
  • H Frame Double Crank High Speed Stamping Lamination Press

    Separated structure and high rigidity cast-iron frame High strength eccentric alloyed steel crankshaft Imported bearings and four-point crank supporting structure(80-300T) Slide is guided by liner clearance-free ball bearing plunger bushe... Contact Now
  • C Frame High Speed Precision Stamping Press

    CHARACTERISTICS OF TJS-30-TON PRESSES:  ● High speed precise punch press with six circle pillar and two centers Lubrication system: ● Refrigerator which works only to cool the oil temperature or homoeothermic lubrication machine(heati... Contact Now
  • H Frame Single Crank Press

    H-type frame, High rigidity. Improve quality and stability. Main Structure Features High accuracy, reach JIS-Grade1. Straight side structure and high rigidity steel-welded frame. High precision, 8-side long guide rail. Dry type pneumatic cl... Contact Now
  • C Frame Single Crank Press

    C-type frame, Convenient to operate. High strength body, Less deformation. The RC1 series C press is with dry clutch and hydraulic overloading with steel welded body and good rigidity. This C frame power press has six guide rail slides, whi... Contact Now
  • C Frame Double Crank Press

    C-type frame, Convenient to operate. Suitable for metal sheet, Single punch dies. The RC2 series C frame double crank press is with dry clutch and hydraulic overloading with steel welded body and good rigidity. This crank press machine has... Contact Now
  • H Frame Double Crank Press

    H-type whole steel-welded frame Suitable for single and multi-station stamping This frame presses spare has a steel welded body with the features of good rigidity, transmission gear gumming lubrication, low noise and stable transmission;T... Contact Now
  • press brake

    Press Brake Formakine offers a wide range of press brakes, including NC press brake, CNC press brake, tandem CNC press brake, etc.. The sheet metal press brake can deliver superior accuracy and need low energy consumption, and the hydraulic... Contact Now
  • Hydraulic press

    Frame Hydraulic Press PERFORMANCE FEATURES: ★ This series hydraulic press adopts the computer optimization design and steel plate welding structure. ★ Hydraulic control ADOPTS the cartridge valve integrated system, which has advantages... Contact Now
  • laser

    Coil Laser Cutting Machine CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is one of the main laser equipments in Formakine. It is a kind of cost-effective laser process equipment which is specially designed and developed according to the demand of users w... Contact Now
  • Shearing machine

    Shearing Machine When you apply a high pressure tool through a metal plate and remove part of the metal, the process is called shearing, and the hydraulic shearing machine can help you realize the process. The rigid structure gives the NC h... Contact Now
  • numerical control machining

    Horizontal Machining Center Features : ◆A prevalent inverted T, Shaped layout is in the base frame, which is high in rigidity of the integral structure and is not creative of any overturning during the full stroke ◆The base frame manufa... Contact Now
  • Turret

    Single Servo Punch Features: O Frame Structure O-type closed press frame special for servo punch press.Holistic welding structure. Stress relief from 2 times of tempering treatment. The strong rigidity and high tonnage ensure the stable acc... Contact Now