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JL21 C Frame High Speed Aluminum Fin Press Line

8-Step Variable Stroke 8-Side Long Guides Of Slide Automatic Oil Lubrication System......

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8-Step Variable Stroke
8-Side Long Guides Of Slide
Automatic Oil Lubrication System
JL21 series c-type frame stroke adjustable press used Steel-welded frame, high rigidity and less deformation, ensuring the capacity for bearing heavy load, high accuracy, reach JIS-Grade1, Emergent stop, inching, single and continuous movement. Eight-side long rectangle guides of the slide in high moving precision and high accuracy.
The machine has dynamic balancing system, reducing the noise from vibration to improve working environment; PLC electrical control system allows various auto-equipment reprogrammed according to different requirements and perform various functions, to ensure high reliability and high adaptability. Hydraulic overload protection device achieving high sensitivity in effectively protecting against overload, to ensure convenient and reliable operation.
Optional Components: Output shaft, Air cushion, Slide knockout device, Automatic feeder, etc
Main Structure Features
JL21 Series C-tpye Fins Press Line for the punching of air conditioner fins is specially intended for meeting the requirements for the production of air conditioner fins. The line mainly consists of uncoiler, oil tank, fin press, sucker, stacker and relevant electrical control system.
Imported PLC , counter and contact point free cam controller are adopted to meet the requirements of counting the fins cut collected as well as the function of progress change.
Equipped with hydraulic overload protection device and motorized die height adjustment device, except JL21-45B.
Production lines of special specifications can be made subject to the user's requirements.